“Well reputed hospitality specialists passionate about your business growth in South America and the world over”

Oscar Gómez is a passionate-global travel & hospitality expert offering nearly 40 years of solid experience in a variety of areas including hotel development, hotel sales, tourism marketing, customer service, reservation call centers management and teaching hospitality courses at private universities. He has held different positions in Europe, Latin America, and also gained experience with the Asian and the US markets, representing a vast array of brands from luxury to budget. Oscar truly enjoy traveling and is flexible & adaptable; passionate & creative; enthusiastic & energetic professional who enjoys working with people from different backgrounds to design, analyze and implement effective business plans that contribute to the success of your company.
• Strong Points: Sales strategies for hotels, analysis of marketing campaigns, hotel development, consulting, customer service.


Individual centres of expertise offering customised sales, marketing, consultancy and technology products & services for our clients, focusing on building up your business and gaining market share.

An “a la carte” approach providing access to markets that matter to you!

  • Regional reach to potential business: Qualification & Approach
  • Effective Brand Positioning
  • Regional Qualified Data Base of high-end retail agencies & TMCs
  • G.E.M Business: Acquisition & Development
  • Need Period Campaigns Design
  • Sales Missions Planning
  • Global Sales Offices Network in Key Markets
  • Qualified Educational Trips Coordination
  • Qualified Press Trip Coordination
  • Representation at Regional Trade Events – Bleisure
  • Outstanding Product Presentations: Preparation & Execution
  • Memorable Client Events Coordination & Conduction
  • PR relationship with Trade Press
  • Promotional E-Flyer Distribution
  • Managing Hotel’s preferred Partnerships on a Regional Basis
  • Brand Review Consultancy
  • Regional Marketing Campaigns: Coordination and Design
  • Evaluation of Marketing Strategies
  • E-commerce: Direct your Booking – Gauvendi
  • Trade Shows and Calendar of Events Evaluation
  • Webinars: Travel, Sales and Marketing. Market Researc
  • Project Analysis
  • Effective Sales Strategies Review

Sales strategies for hotels, analysis of marketing campaigns, hotel development, consulting, customer service.



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WHEE Creative Hospitality is co-founding partner of the World Hospitality Alliance offering customized sales, marketing & technology products and services focusing on building up your business and it´s market share. This global Alliance counts with various offices in key markets which offer an a la carte approach of sales activities providing access to markets that matter to you.


Oscar Gómez Garrido

Sales & Marketing The Americas

Katy Van Ranst

Sales & Marketing Benelux

Rosa María Pérez

Sales & Marketing Spain & Portugal

Graziella Pica

Sales & Marketing Italy

Deb Gee

Associate - GSA New Zealand

Ganessan Suppiah

Sales & Marketing Australasia

Christina Spykerman

Sales & Marketing Asia

Rick Schultheis

Sales & Marketing UK & Ireland

Carina Stegmayer

Retail & Distribution

Alessandro Crotti

E-Commerce, Digital Marketing & Distribution

Reny Prawira

Associate - GSA Australia

Sonia Tapia Martínez

Associate-PowerUpSales Spain


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